Another awesome Weekend!

We've done it again! Congrats on Drops everyone!

Also grats Bugatti on a Gigant Mantle!


Early morning long hold rewarded with gaiters. Congrats Ryderx!

Late night Jorm

Early pop, clean kill. Congrats Moorey on the first pair of Track Pants!

AV update

Since AV didn't want to show on Saturday, we got revenge x2 on Sunday.
Grats everyone on drops!


First a Prudence Rod now Gaiters and a Gigant what a day for Berens!

Snake Pants

Congrats on well earned Track Pants +1 to Bugatti!

Weekend Warriors

Hell of a weekend for TS! Congrats Lyle on EBody, Ryderx on MBody, Freeze (myself) on NLegs. Sadly, no ABodies!

Manteel + Rev

CG Sinclair on the Manteel + Sapa Rev Helm


Day 1/2 yesterday was a huge success already, but today got even better!
For the first time we managed to kill 2 AV per day which brings us to a total of 3 kills this weekend!
Very impressive, perfect execution and commitment. Proud of you Bois!
Congratulations on your new toys!

Day 1/2

Let's see what tomorrow will bring!
Amazing execution again, congrats on Drops!