DL Drops a Ring!

by Chase - 12/29/19

DL Finally dropped a Shadow Ring for us to close out a great 2019 as a LS! CG Reecey!

Year closing out

by Reecey - 12/29/19

Made the trek up to Jorm today and were rewarded for our efforts.

Congrats to Skitles on a pair of track pants!

Another one

by Reecey - 12/28/19

Coney time

Big grats to Pander on mantle!

The spirit of giving

by Reecey - 12/28/19

Tiamat popped a bit early for our liking, but came through in the end.

Congratulations to Swergioo on Gaiters!

Winter Wonderland

by Jakka - 12/25/19

Our icy friend came bearing gifts on this special Christmas Day.

Congrats Myku on pants #2!

'Tis the season

by Reecey - 12/25/19

Early Christmas morning Tiamat, congratulations to Busy on Gaiters!

Merry Christmas Peli!

by Njr - 12/23/19

Coney was Pelikaani's secret santa!

Birthday Nid!

by Tommi - 12/22/19

Pasta's Snipe - Linkshell's Loot - Swerg's Tears, Ari's Birthday! Grats!


by Chase - 12/20/19

Congrats Ida on the Gigant Mantle!

A Double Dose Of Absolute Virtue!

by Jakka - 12/17/19

What better way to close out 2019 than throwing a holiday party and inviting AV to be Guest of Honor.

We managed to down AV twice on Sunday without it depopping. Amazing job everyone!

Congrats to:

Aeroo and McTurbo on Aureole

Jakka and Juliachan on Mars's Ring

Esselsis and Imblaxican on Bellona's Ring

Ida on Minerva's Ring

Busy and Imblaxican on Raphael's Rod

TopShelf racked up a whopping 27 AV kills this year! What other challenges lie ahead?

Stay Tuned.