Shadow Lifters

by Njr - 04/06/20

Grats on all the new relics, we passed by our old pal and he dropped us a Shadow Ring!

Congrats Sapajoee!

Cerberus Muzzled

by Jakka - 04/03/20

What is a Jorm and AV only LS doing in ToAU? Sniping Cerberus!

Congrats to Jakka on Algol!

Khimaira Yoinked!

by Jakka - 04/03/20

TS back in ToAU after a hiatus.

Congrats to Naimah on Hauteclaire!

TopShelf Kills Vrtra?!?!

by Jakka - 03/29/20


I think this linkshell forgot this mob exists. It's been awhile since we've killed this bad boys.

Shout out to the brave souls that held it for us while we gathered to clean up the mess.

Congrats on mats!

Double Trouble

by Jakka - 03/29/20

AV went on another hiatus last week but we managed to down him twice today!

Congrats fam:

Ninurta's Sash: Ariyaana 🐇 | Aureole: Njr + Naimah🥖 | Mars's Ring: Raging + Esselsis | Minerva's Ring: Bugatti🐍 + Bercus

Bellona's Ring: Ap + Berens | Raphael's Rod: Ap + Veruna

Jorm Time

by Reecey - 03/15/20

After AV our old friend popped and gave us a small but desirable pool. CG Jakka 1/2!

Absolute Virtue: Redemption

by Jakka - 03/15/20

AV ghosted us last week and didn't show his face. We got the revenge kill today though.

Congrats fam:

Ninurta's Sash - Reecey | Mars's Ring - Berens | Minerva's Ring - Aeroo ☣ | Bellona's Ring - Anxiety | Raphael's. Rod - Swergio

But Wait, There's More!

by Berens - 03/06/20

Another action packed start to the weekend. It's always a good feeling when you put in the hard work and see a treasure pool like this.

Congrats Basha on Track Pants #2!

P.S: Shoutout to the undisputed TopShelf Favorite Couple, Tommi and Ariyaana for tanking. Ya'll cute.

P.S.S: Another shoutout to the undisputed TopShelf Favorite Asian, Berens for that sexy TH! Sorry, Julia.

AV's Trip to Pound Town

by Jakka - 03/01/20

We took AV to pound town twice today. Technically 2 one-shot zergs.. well done team!

Congrats on the loot fam:

Ninurta's Sash - Jakka | Aureole - Juliachan | Mars's Rings - Vaul + Busy | Bellona's Rings - Kemba + Raging

Raphael's Rods - Camper + Kemba

Treasure In Uleguerand Range

by Jakka - 02/26/20

Another treasure hunt yielded positive results.

Congrats to Basha on Track Pants!