by Aeroo - 08/02/20

The sickest TH gets double drop again just a few days later! Grats to buga and his whore chika for taking the whole pool.


by Aeroo - 07/30/20

Congratulations Deft on Seveneyes and Jakka on Hauteclaire.

Track Pants!

by Aeroo - 07/28/20

Congrats Ida on 1/2 Track Pants!


by Aeroo - 07/25/20

Congrats Chase on Shadow Ring and Busy on Shadow Mantle!

Chika Pants!

by Aeroo - 07/24/20

Congrats Chika on fast pants!

no Ridill

by Bercus - 07/22/20

Congratulations Kitmix on Zenith Pumps!


by Aeroo - 07/21/20

Congrats on well earned gaiters Woodelemental!


by Bercus - 07/20/20

Congratulations Busy on N-Head & Ridill.


by Aeroo - 07/18/20

Congrats Dantes on Pixie, Clim on MLegs, Robin on AFeet, and Anx on ELegs

Fafnir x2

by Bercus - 07/16/20

Congratulations Bercus and Anxiety on Neptunal Abjuration: Head
also Anxiety CG on Zenith Pumps as well as Juliachan on Hrotti.