by Juliachan - 07/04/20

White Coney decides to come down the mountain for an early morning stroll,
We all have high hopes, but White Coney is a troll,
Through blood, toil, tears and sweat, the bunny is slain,
In the end, a Flygja Torque is all we gain.

Congratulations Yaukkis on Fylgia Torque! Happy 4th of July everyone!


by Juliachan - 07/03/20

Another King to the team!

Congratulations Bugatti on Pixie Earring.


by Bercus - 07/03/20

Congratulations Seraya on Track Pants+1!

Absolute Shittydrops again!

by Bercus - 07/03/20

Cheddarbob on Mars's Ring, Chase on Bellona's Ring, Kamakaze on Minerva's Ring!
We will get those Sash's and Aureole next time!

Kay Bee!

by Bercus - 06/26/20

TS has been more active at kings and after no luck at NQ days, we had more luck on the important day.
We got a grumpy King Behemoth, that did not want to drop our awesome tanks a Defending Ring ;-(.
Next time!

We got some drops, congratulations are going to...

  • Busy & Bercus on Earthen Abjuration: Legs.
  • Cheddarbob on Behemoth Tongue.
  • Juliachan on Pixie Earring.
  • Woodelemental on Aquarian Abjuration: Feet.
  • Anxiety & Cnormous on Wyrmal Abjuration: Head

Delivery delayed!

by Bercus - 06/23/20

Dear customer,
thank you for your order #1337 at Jormungando.
We are sorry that you had to wait so long for your panties.
Please find your track pants in the loot box below.
Kind regards,
Treasure Hunter Master Clim

PS: Congratulations Alita on your well deserved TRACK PANTS+1!

Ey V!

by Bercus - 06/23/20

Ey.... guys, another kill, one shot too. Cheers to...

Aureole » Reecey
Mars's Ring » Alita
Bellona's Ring » Kamakaze
Minerva's Ring » Seraya

Awesome job guys! We remain hungry.

Really wanted!

by Aeroo - 06/20/20

See that pool? We wanted (and needed) that shadow gear ;o)
Congratulations Basha on Shadow Mantle and Aeroo on Shadow Ring.

King Busy

by Bercus - 06/19/20

King Behemoth decided to crown Busy.

Congratulations Busy on Pixie Earring.

TS on Fire

by Bercus - 06/18/20

Someone had to go to bed, we took his problem serious and killed that Fafnir a little bit faster then usually.


  • Juliachan on Neptunal Abjuration: Head (FUCK YES GIRL)
  • Busy on Hrotti (FUCK YES BRO)
  • Anxiety on Aquarian Abjuration: Hands and that sick ass lot on Dragon Talon (YIEHA RICH GIRLEY)
  • Bercus on Aquarian Abjuration: Feets

Way to go bois & girleys!

PS: Someone still sweating from a recent coney pull.